What a life-changing opportunity experience gain at LOT!!

By: Amara M. , 2019 LOTer

A reflection of becoming a global change agent by meeting new people and getting connected with global future leaders of the world.

Primarily, Leaders of Tomorrow platform focus on striving for creating a better environment for all through online facilitating, where peers meet to learned and be able to share their view and dream of creating a better world for less fortunate people. Through the LOT program, students are introduced to team-working through video calls. Peers learned about each other culture; such as favorite food and clothing of a particular culture and so on. We get too learned about each other through sharing fun, common goals and passion for contributing en-route for the growth and development of this world.

We did not only learned about each other but we also learned about leadership and entrepreneurship, where we were introduced to projects establishing, conflict resolution and many more. We also learned about understanding the causes of the problems and finding a better solution to them through team-working.

Without a doubt, my life has shaped through the influence of the Leaders of Tomorrow online training program. Because I have learned much more about leadership responsibility through innovation, initiative, volunteerism, and commitment.

My participation in this program had made me a better emerging and potential leader of tomorrow, it has to harness my potential and empower me with leadership charisma in fostering and engage in changing the world around us.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my Grassroots leader and facilitator JULIETA SEPULVEDA who has been so kind to me, and my comrades. I also didn’t forget about our program managing director AREEJ AL-TAIE who had to fill us with pride and the rest of program administrators.

We hardly appreciate your kind effort and time dedicated to propelling our life for future challenges and contributions.