Leaders Of Tomorrow Digital Exchange Program

We are a group of conscious young people who feel responsible for their homeland and the world. We have our own experiences that make us really special than the others and we have passion. We believe that a change is possible and we are able to build a better future for all.

Our mission is to spread peace, love, better understanding among people and to raise awareness about the importance of strengthening the bonds between all, and that our differences are what makes us special and increase our value, and it doesn’t actually cause us the problems.

Uniting efforts for the public interest can bring us many ambitions, that may seem impossible if we want to work on them alone. Let’s start with a simple 0.1% change that might cause a lot in the future! Our small hope can become a bright future tomorrow…

Leaders Of Tomorrow Program is currently self funded, so help us reach our goal and donate to make the program more accessible to more students from different countries around the world!